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Our Organic Salmon are reared in the wild and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off the West coast of Ireland

kinvara smoked salmon organic Irish Salmon

At Kinvara Smoked Salmon we are passionate about healthy, sustainable and delicious food.

Our smoked salmon has won numerous awards over the years including being voted the Best Smoked Salmon in the UK by the BBC Good Food Magazine.

We constantly strive for excellence in our products and with our customer service and believe in small food producers as the back bone of rural communities in Ireland.

Our products are available nationwide in Ireland and select stores in the UK.

However we specialize in bringing the best organic smoked salmon to your door. Our products can be shipped anywhere throughout Ireland, UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East, Asia, Canada and USA.

Kinvara Smoked Salmon was set up in 1999,  Based in Co. Galway – set on the captivating shores of Galway Bay, situated in between the rugged Burren and the vibrant city of Galway

Kinvara Smoked Salmon was the first 100% Organic Smoked Salmon company in Ireland and is now one of the most recognized brands in the Ireland and the UK

We believe in a Sustainable – Traditional – Healthy Environment

At Kinvara Smoked Salmon our goal is to minimize the impact on our environment.

We are blessed on the West coast of Ireland with the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean with a consistent natural tidal flow to rear local salmon in near perfect conditions.

This creates a healthy environment for the salmon preventing any pollution within the stock, ensuring the fish are reared to the highest quality.

Our traditional smoking process begins with curing then smoking to create the ultimate flavor.

After filleting, the side of fresh salmon is covered in a layer of salt for up to six hours depending on the size of the fish and this is when the curing process takes place.

The salt draws out the moisture, prevents the growth of bacteria and is an integral part of the taste.

All excess salt is washed off prior to smoking ensuring salt content is kept to the minimum.

The fillets are then placed in the kiln where they are dried for several hours- they are then ready for smoking. The smoke is produced from a mixture of Oak and Beechwood.

This smoke mixture is then fanned over the salmon fillets for seven hours providing a distinctive flavour that is widely recognised as Kinvara Smoked Salmon.

The Salmon is trimmed, sliced and vacuumed packed to seal in moisture and goodness.

The process of salting, drying and cold smoking is a centuries old technique.

Kinvara Smoked Salmon combines this ancient craft with modern technology to produce a smoked salmon that is unparalleled.

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