Kinvara Circle of Friends

“Kinvara Circle of Friends”

We would like to introduce you to Kinvara Smoked Salmon’s “Kinvara Circle of Friends “. This is where, you the customer, can save money by creating your very own “Kinvara Circle of Friends” and in doing so have greater buying power.

How does it all work?

It’s all quite straightforward really. You get together with your friend’s/work colleagues to create your “Kinvara Circle of Friends”. You can then decide on the products you want to be dispatched and have the order shipped to one address. This will have dramatic cost savings on items being shipped to different locations.
However, that is not all. . . . We will also give you a discount for buying in Bulk! For every €100 you spend, we will give you an extra 5% Discount up to a maximum of 30%
Also there is no sign up required!

Here’s an example: –

Five of you and your friends order 5 sides of Salmon @€55.00 each. Normally you would have to pay 5 x €6.99 each delivery totalling €34.95 But with the circle of Friends you only pay the €6.99 for all five sides!! You also get 10% discount so you only pay €254.49 Saving you €55.46!!

Remember – the more you order – the more you save!!

How do I set up my “Kinvara Circle of Friends”?

Very simply get a group of friends or work colleges together, this can be as small as five people, you do not even have to meet, you can do this over the phone, via email or even via Facebook!!!

I have my “Kinvara Circle of Friends” what next?

Decide amongst yourselves when is best for you all to make a purchase, then get everyone to Visit our Online-shop site at and choose the items they want. Once they have done this, send you a copy of the products they wish to purchase.

I have my list of products, a preferred shipping date, what next?

Simply fill out the form on the “Kinvara Circle of Friends” page form and click submit. We will then send you a special link to our website where you can check your order and then purchase via your preferred method of payment. That’s it!!! Your order will be with you in a day or two, and then your “Kinvara Circle of Friends” can arrange to collect their individual orders.

Any questions?

Here are a few we have been asked before….

Q. What is the minimum order quantity or cost we have to purchase to be part of the “Kinvara Circle of Friends”?
A. There is NO set quantity and NO set cost. But the more you purchase the more you will save. We recommend that you have a minimum of 4 people in your “Kinvara Circle of Friends” and aim to purchase a minimum of €100 worth of products to gain full advantages of the discounts.

Q. Do we always have to have the same delivery address for our “Kinvara Circle of Friends”?
A. Not at all, you can change this with each order. In fact, many of our current “Kinvara Circle of Friends” take turns in receiving the shipments.

Q. Do we always have to use the same credit card?
A. Once again, not at all. As with the shipping address, many of our current “Kinvara Circle of Friends” take it in turn to use their credit card.

Q. Is it only certain times of year we can order?
A. No, you use your “Kinvara Circle of Friends” buying power any time of year.

Q. Is our “Kinvara Circle of Friends” limited to certain products?
A. No, you can select any of the products in our Online-Shop.

Q. Does our “Kinvara Circle of Friends” have to make a set number of purchases per year?
A. No, you choose how frequently you use your “Kinvara Circle of Friends” buying power. Remember, the more times you make a purchase, the more you save!!!

Q. Is the “Kinvara Circle of Friends” restricted to Ireland and the UK?
A. No! We have “Kinvara Circle of Friends” in France, Germany, Austria and Italy! All you do is pay the 1 kg shipping fee to the relevent country and thats all.

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