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Kinvara Organic Smoked Salmon
Reared in the wild and clear waters of the
Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast of Ireland



Kinvara Smoked Salmon combines
the centuries old process of
salting, drying and cold smoking

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Once again we write to you in very difficult times, although we can see some light at the end of tunnel, albeit a long way to go yet.

Despite very challenging times recently for us, we are thankfully still here. With Easter just around the corner, things are starting to pick up and hopefuly we will be back into full swing in no time. Today we will be starting our Easter Offer – which will last for the Entire Month of April – So look out for postings on our Social Media Pages.

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Organic Salmon reared in the wild and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the West coast of Ireland.

Which boast a freshness and flavor you won’t find anywhere else!


Kinvara Smoked Salmon combines the centuries old process of salting, drying and cold smoking with modern technology producing award winning smoked salmon.

Which is unparalleled!


We believe in growing healthy, nutritious fish in a responsible way, looking after the water and environment.

Which is so important to the fish and our heritage.

Kinvara Organic Smoked Salmon – Order Direct to Your Door

Our Smoked Salmon

After filleting, the side of fresh salmon is covered in a layer of salt for up to six hours depending on the size of the fish and this is when the curing process takes place.  The salt draws out the moisture, prevents the growth of bacteria and is an integral part of the taste.
All excess salt is washed off prior to smoking ensuring salt content is kept to the minimum.
The fillets are then placed in the kiln where they are dried for several hours- they are then ready for smoking. The smoke is produced from a mixture of Oak and Beechwood.
This smoke mixture is then fanned over the salmon fillets for seven hours providing a distinctive flavour that is widely recognised as Kinvara Smoked Salmon.
The Salmon is trimmed, sliced and vacuumed packed to seal in moisture and goodness.
The process of salting, drying and cold smoking is a centuries old technique. Kinvara Smoked Salmon combines this ancient craft with modern technology to produce a smoked salmon that is unparalleled.
This is a sustainable form of Salmon rearing and is not harmful to the environment.  It is the best alternative to mass-produced farmed salmon and to wild salmon, which is fast becoming an endangered species.
At Kinvara Smoked Salmon we believe that by growing healthy, nutritious fish in a responsible way, looking after the water and environment that is so important to the fish and our heritage, we can safeguard local economies and communities for future generations.
Why Choose Certification?

We can only call our Salmon Organic because we have been certified by a registered Certification Company as designated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). In our case we are certified by the Irish Organic Association (IOA).

The IOA has been at the forefront of the organic movement in Ireland since it was established in 1982. With almost forty years’ experience of inspecting, certifying and networking with organic farmers and processors it has placed the association in a unique position to serve a dynamic and growing organic market.

Food may only be labelled as ‘organic’ once it has been certified as organic by the IOA. General food safety and labelling requirements that apply to non-organic food apply equally to organic foodstuffs. Along with specific requirements such as a list of ingredients, food allergen labelling, etc., labelling must not mislead the consumer.




We are proud and delighted that so many food experts have enjoyed and recommended our Organic Smoked Salmon.  We are equally honoured to have received a number of awards in recognition of the quality of our products and service.