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Organic Smoked Salmon

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Organic Sliced Side

The Organic Sliced Side

Our 1kg organic sliced side is gently smoked over oak and beech wood chipping.with over 35 slices, the side is vacuum packed to seal in the freshness for its 28 day shelf life.

We pack in protective packaging to keep it perfect whilst in transit and pack it in a beautiful outer gift box making it a sophisticated and unique gift or self treat for you and your family for the special occasions.


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The Gift Box

Ok, let’s face it. Buying and
Shipping a 1kg sides of organic smoked salmon across Europe is pretty expensive and not particularly kind to the

Yes,  we plant a tree for every side we ship but we
want to do more! 

So here is our idea. We all have
friends, family, work colleagues that share our love of great food. right?

If you invite them to share in your
order, we will give you a 30% discount for 5 sides and 40% for 10.  

This way you can save, share
the joy and be kind to the planet. 

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Smoked Salmon Recipes Smoked Salmon Recipes

The Recipe Book

We have collected some of our favourite smoked salmon recipes so that you can create a delicious meal to delight your family and friends for your special occasion. Our smoked salmon is an incredibly versatile centre ingredient to many fabulous dishes.

We do hope you enjoy!


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Organic Salmon reared in the wild and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the West coast of Ireland.
Which boast a freshness and flavour you won’t find anywhere else!

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Kinvara Smoked Salmon combines the centuries old process of salting, drying and cold smoking with modern technology, producing award-winning smoked salmon that is unparalleled.

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We believe in growing healthy, nutritious fish in a responsible way, looking after the water and environment.
Which is so important to the fish and our heritage.

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What They Say about us

“This was the clear favourite”
Voted the number 1 smoked salmon in Great Britain

BBC GoodFood Magazine

“Delicious, a beautiful piece of fish, firm and glistening... with a richer smoke and salmon flavour...”

Jeffrey Steingarten - VOGUE USA

”... The best I have eaten this year was a gently smoked fish from Kinvara”

Nigel Slater - Food Writer & Critic

"... There is an excellent balance of pronounced smoke and true salmon flavour, with an oak flavour lingering wonderfully on the palate. A really first class smoked salmon.."

Tom Parker Bowles - Food Writer & Critic
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