Since I was a child, growing up on the shores of Galway bay, on the west coast of Ireland, I have always had a deep love and fascination with the shore, the sea and the abundance of life in it. 

This passion led me to spend most of my working life in seafood. First in shellfish in 1987 and then smoked salmon. Driven by another passion to start my own business, I took the next step in this journey by setting up Kinvara Smoked Salmon along with my wife Aoife in 1999.

Initially, we focused on Wild Salmon but became increasingly concerned about its sustainability, as we still are. 

When organic salmon became available, we found our niche and became the first in Ireland to offer organic smoked salmon to the market, thus beginning the exciting  journey  of building our business.

We were the first and we are still the only smoked salmon business to concentrates solely on organic.

Over the next 21 years to grew to become Ireland’s leading smoked salmon brand with happy customers in 37 countries across 3 continents. We have won awards too numerous to list for both our product and for our business. It has been an amazing journey for which we are truly grateful.

As you can imagine, Kinvara Smoked Salmon is never far from our kitchen at home and over the years we have experimented and created some innovative recipes. Click here to access our free Recipe E-Book where we share some of our favourites with you.

We, as a family, are extremely proud of the reputation we have created in Kinvara Smoked Salmon and we look forward to building on this legacy for the next 21 years.

I do hope you will join us on that journey.


Declan Droney,

Founder and CEO

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We believe in a sustainable - traditional - healthy environment

What’s important to us



We use only superior grade Organic Salmon, reared in the wild waters of the Atlantic ocean 4 miles off the West Coast of Ireland. Here, the salmon live and feed in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat. The stocking densities are incredibly low set at a fraction of conventional farming salmon. Within the enclosure the ratio is 99% water, 1% salmon. The location of the farm is almost 4km from the shore, an extremely challenging environment with heavy currents and turbulent seas where, in order to stay in the same position the salmon have to swim 15km every day. This constant movement and battling against the ocean makes for a much leaner, much healthier salmon, perfect from smoking. The feed the salmon eat is all natural and organic.

The salmon is certified organic in every country in Europe which means that every input is checked, monitored and approved by the certifying body. The smoking process is also checked, monitored and approved by the certifying body. When buying Kinvara Smoked Salmon you can rest assured that you are buying a premium product, with safe nutritious inputs, that is kind to the environment.



For centuries smoking has been used in Ireland as a way to preserving food. At Kinvara we take this ancient craft and enhance it with modern technology to produce a smoked salmon that is second to none. We carefully select the finest organic salmon which are first salted and dried for 12 hours before being gently cold smoked over oak and beech for a further 14 hours. This process of lightly salting, drying and gently cold-smoking has been developed over years and produces a consistent premium quality Organic Smoked Salmon, worthy of our awards.



We take our role as guardians of the planet for the future generations very seriously. Core to everything we do in Kinvara is sustainability. The production methods used in the organic salmon is proven to be sustainable and kind to the environment. The smoking process is sustainable in that all that is added is sea salt and smoke generated for wood chips from a sustainable resource. In the packing and shipping we use recyclable plastic, but offset this through our support for tree growing with “Tree-Nation”.

As our customer you can rest assured that we are striving for a zero carbon footprint in the delivery of your smoked salmon.