Buying together and being a little kinder to the planet

Ok, lets face it, buying a side of Organic Smoked Salmon purchased in Ireland and shipping it across Europe is pretty expensive and not particularly kind to the environment. We feel there is too much packaging and too many air miles.Yes we plant a tree for every side we ship and we will continue to do so, but we want to do more.

So here is our idea. We all have friends, family and work colleagues that share our love of great food, right?

If you invite them to share in your order we can all win, as will the planet.

The normal price of a 1kg side of organic Smoked Salmon delivered in Europe (shipping included) is €109.00 (€66 for the Smoked Salmon and €43 for the shipping), however by ordering  together we can save on the shipping, save on the packaging and get a volume discount. Here is the offer:

1kg side order is €109.00 

5 side order is €305 or €76.0 per side (30% discount)

10 side order ..€653 or €65.30 per side (40% discount)

At Kinvara, we are very conscious of our environmental footprint and continuously try to find ways to reduce it. We are delighted to offer these discounts which help us do that.